To be SMART is to Grow. 
Be SMART, Grow with The Orange Box.

In the last few years, we’ve worked hard to understand better our clients and their needs. What we’ve learned is that everyone wants to scale their Company to the next level integrally and sustainably that allows them to achieve stability to their business.
Regardless of the industry, all companies have a single goal: To Grow!
As an agency, our priority is to help our clients to achieve their goals and become part of their team. That’s why we start this new stage where we upgrade ourselves, our services and our corporate identity to project the value we give to each customer. Are you ready?

Say hello to our new Branding!

Change is good! Although we liked our previous image, we love the new one and we want to share with you the main reasons why we decided to evolve it.

One of the main reasons you do a change is because you’re not projecting what you want. As an agency, we are dedicated to helping other companies grow and achieve their goals. Our processes have solid foundations, the necessary tools, a highly trained team and that is the image we want to project as an agency.


Let’s take a look at our previous logo

The idea of our logo is to build a box where each side represents a pillar on which the agency is based, however, the lines are separated which does not reflect the security we want to project and its shape is a little abstract.


This is our New Logo 


In an effort to solve our clients’ needs, this approach changed, converting that abstract shape into an easily identifiable element whose sides are completely linked. It’s a more solid element and consists of 4 pillars that represent: Sales, Marketing, Technology, and Consulting. In conclusion, a Growth Agency.

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