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10 Step Checklist to Set Your Website for Conversion Success

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Why Is Optimizing Your Website So Important?

Website optimization for a better conversion rate is a sensible business move. A good start to having an optimized website is a clean and simple homepage that loads quickly and displays only relevant information, with user-friendly navigation, clearly stands out. 

79% of shoppers who are NOT satisfied with the page load speed or website performance will not buy from or visit that same site again. So if you’re not having a conversion on your website it’s time to optimize it!


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Benefits of optimizing your website

  • Gets your visitors closer to the pages that are more relevant to their search.
  • Invites more visitors from your target market.
  • Your website will look professional and complete.


  • The search engines will be able to access more pages within the site.
  • More User-Friendly.
  • More lead conversions


With this checklist, you’ll be able to optimize your website in 10 easy steps and you can use this guide whenever you want. 

Improve your website will take you a few minutes, so do it now and get more conversions!



Boost Your Website Conversions and Grow your Business! 

checklist website conversion